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2nd-Arabesque Adjustable Portable Ballet Barre
Starts at
Price per bracket

2nd-Arabesque Adjustable Portable Ballet Barre

Price per bracket
7-10 Business Days
30.00 LBS

2nd Arabesque


Adjustable Portable Ballet Barre

With 10 height options, the Adjustable 2nd ARABESQUE Freestanding Ballet Barre grows with you, whether in age, height or skill level (in all Steel or Steel/Wood).
For Commercial or Home Use
This attractive portable ballet barre is adjustable and has two levels.
A double free standing ballet barre is ideal for Ballet or Barre Fitness exercises of all skill levels.
This Ballet Bar is Available in 3 different material choices:
• ALL STEEL - steel legs, feet and cross Barres
• STEEL/UNFINISHED RED OAK - steel legs and feet - Unfinished Oak cross Barres
• STEEL/UNFINISHED HARD MAPLE - steel legs and feet - Unfinished Hard Maple cross Barres
The perfect choice for your professional studio or home gym.
Use your ballet bar on your next workout or ballet practice to increase your flexibility, improve your balance and ensure correct pasture, while developing strong lean muscles.
Highlighted Features
• 10 height options and 5 height adjustments.
• Lowest setting: Top Barre: 38" , Lower Barre: 28"
• Easily adjusts by 1" increments up to: Top Barre: 42" , Lower Barre: 32"
• Sturdy and Built to Last
• This adjustable Portable Ballet Barre is available in 4', 6' or 8' Length.
• Perfect for dancers, athletes or fitness enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.
• This is a two level barre which allows 2 levels of stretch at a time with no need for adjustment.
• Can be fully assembled in less than 5 minutes - No tools necessary
• Steel Knobs allowing durability, easy assembly and height adjustment
• Barre comes with rubber feet to prevent damage to floors - no adjustment necessary - step on feet to level
• Makes a perfect gift! Great addition for your professional or home studio!
• Barre is available in many colors and can be personalized with Name or Logo
Num of Users
4' 2ndArabesque 48"L x 28-32"H, 38-42"H x 26"W 37lbs 1-2
5' 2ndArabesque 60"L x 28-32"H, 38-42"H x 26"W 39lbs 1-3
6' 2ndArabesque 72"L x 28-32"H, 38-42"H x 26"W 41lbs 1-4
8' 2ndArabesque 96"L x 28-32"H, 38-42"H x 26"W 45lbs 2-6
MaterialAvailable Options
DistanceMeasured from center of top barre
to center of lower barre
All Steel 1 3/8" 10" between 2 barre levels
Steel / Unfinished Hard Maple 1 5/8" 10" between 2 barre levels
Steel / Unfinished Red Oak 1 5/8" 10" between 2 barre levels