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Portable Barres


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  • ARABESQUE - Steel/Maple Wood Freestanding Ballet Barre - Portable Ballet Barre
    Arabesque - Portable Ballet Barre $686.98

    Arabesque Double Freestanding Ballet Barre Arabesque - (air-uh-BESK)   Professional Quality   With a sturdy Steel Base & Double Barre, this ARABESQUE retains the preferred feel of a traditional Wood...

  • Custom Barres 2nd Arabesque - Adjustable Ballet Barres - Adjustable Portable Ballet Barre - Tiffany Blue / Unfinished Maple Barre
    2nd-Arabesque Adjustable Portable Ballet Barre $745.98

    2nd Arabesque Adjustable Portable Ballet Barre 2nd Arabesque - (air-uh-BESK)   With 10 height options, the Adjustable 2nd ARABESQUE Freestanding Ballet Barre grows with you, whether in age, height or skill...

  • 3rd ARABESQUE - Aluminum Freestanding Ballet Barre by Custom Barres
    3rd-Arabesque Aluminum Portable Ballet Barre $650.98 $640.98

    3rd Arabesque Aluminum Freestanding Ballet Barre 3rd Arabesque - (air-uh-BESK)   With a double-barre for stability, the luminous Anodized Aluminum of the 3rd ARABESQUE is lightweight for easy transport, making...

  • PRIMA - 8' Length Professional Portable Ballet Barre by Custom Barres
    Prima Professional Portable Ballet Barre $1,500.00 $1,205.98

    Prima Professional Portable Ballet Barre Prima - (pree-ma)   8' Long   By enhancing our classic portable ballet barres, PRIMA Free Standing Barre was designed to meet the specific requirements of the...

  • Custom Barres Virtuoso Portable Ballet Barre
    Virtuoso - Freestanding Ballet Barre $1,600.00 $1,410.88

    Virtuoso   Our Virtuoso Barre is taking the double-barre to new heights.  The unique design and new interpretation of our classic portable barres makes this barre unparalleled in strength and functionality...