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Have a question not listed here? Send us an email at support@custombarres.com

Custom Barres Ballet Barre Specialists are available to discuss product features and gather details for our design team to create your custom ballet barre layout that meets the guidelines for maximum strength and performance of your barre. The phone/e-mail consultation is a complimentary service ($25+ value) that includes a price estimate. Estimates are limited to 3 per customer (per project). Fees apply for each additional estimate/revision. Same pricing is available online for further clarification and immediate review. Each barre length must be provided by the customer. We cannot provide pricing and layouts based on total linear feet. Installation questions for special construction conditions are not included with this service as you would need to consult with a licensed contractor.

Custom Barres does not offer on-site consultations or address special as we are a manufacturer and online store and not a licensed contractor or licensed architectural/interior design firm. Please consult with a licensed professional to evaluate the construction of your space and determine the measurements. We specialize in ballet barres and brackets : )

We strongly suggest hiring a professional reputable LICENSED contractor to install your barre and not installing yourself. Knowledge of building construction is highly recommended for proper installation and to ensure barre strength, stability and safety for all users.

Custom Barres does not offer installation services. However, we can refer you to a professional licensed contracting service in your area to install your Custom Barres. Please send inquiries to support@custombarres.com.

Custom Barres is based in the United States and ships throughout the US and internationally. We only ship via Fedex, UPS or our local freight carriers. We do not utilize third party freight services arranged by customers.

For BALLET we recommend spacing the brackets no further than 64" apart while for BARRE fitness classes spacing should be no further than 48". Custom Barres will gladly assist you in designing the layout for your barre. This is a complimentary service FREE of charge.

Both brackets are well secured into the wood barre by 2 wood screws under the saddle. Open saddle will give you the ability to stretch beyond the bracket location without having the bracket in the way, which is a really nice feature. The closed saddle provide you with slightly more support and hide the seam between 2 barre sections. Both options are perfectly suited for Barre fitness and/or Ballet.

Standard Height for Ballet: 40" - 42" high (measured from floor to center of barre).
Standard Height for Barre Fitness: 36" - 38" high (measured from floor to center of barre).

Custom Barres carry only top quality hard wood, so it really depends on your budget and the look you are looking for.
Unfinished Ash: $ (good)
Unfinished Oak: $$ (better) Stains Better - Stronger than Ash
Unfinished Maple $$$ (best) Stains Better - Stronger than Both
to compare and see a close up picture of the wood please visit our available wood page.

No. Many dancers wish to leave the barre unfinished. The wood barres come well sanded and unfinished. You may wish to stain them to match your room decor and/or apply 3 coats of Polyurethane to preserve the beauty of the wood, and bring out the beautiful wood grain.

Wipe the barres with baby wipes / antibacterial wipes. These wipes are just as effective on sticky barres as they are on children. If the baby wipes have not removed all the sticky residue. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle, shake gently. Spray the cleaning solution directly onto the barre and wipe with a cleaning rag. Repeat as necessary until all residue has been removed. Wipe the barres clean with a damp cloth to remove any remaining residue or vinegar solution.

Unfortunately Custom Barres does not offer installation services, as we sell all over the USA and abroad; however, we will be more than happy to assist you with layout suggestions or any installation questions that you may have . We are also starting to build a prefferred installer database, so if you are an installer please feel free to share your information with Custom Barres so we can refer you to clients from your area. info@custombarres.com

Yes! If you did not say otherwise, all wood up to 10' in length will come beveled on both ends, so no sharp edges at the ends. It gives the ballet barre a finished look. Larger dance barres / fitness barres, let's say 14' for example, will come as 2 x 7' sections - one end will be pre-drilled for connection and the other end will be beveled, so when you connect the 2 barre sections together, it will look as if it was one long ballet barre. If you decide that you prefer the wood with no bevel or pre-drilling please make sure to indicate this when you choose your wood barre.

Yes you can! With a minimum order of 25 brackets per custom design, we can manufacture brackets in a diameter, height, color, or finish just for you. Allow additional production time for special orders. Pricing varies based on design modifications. Please e-mail us your specifications for customization costs.

We design and manufacture our own products and the CB Logo is our signature. It represents our original designs and our commitment to quality. Therefore, we do not ship our products without our logo. If you choose to remove the logo label once you receive the product, please be aware that this voids the warranty.

You can order 6” wood samples with Free Shipping at https://www.custombarres.com/shop-ballet-barre-wall/ for $20 per wood type or $45 for a set of all 3 wood types. For a sample of the color/finish on brackets please contact us at 888-772-9479 or e-mail support@custombarres.com (or info@custombarres.com)

If you have metal studs, we strongly recommend installing backboard support.

If installing backboard support is not an option for metal studs or if you are installing on a concrete wall, you would need to purchase special anchors to install the ballet barre brackets.

We recommend heavy duty Toggle Bolts that hold up to 356 lbs. They would need to be bolts for the heaviest weight load to hold the weight of the brackets and the weight of the people using the barre.

We only provide hardware for installing on wood studs or backboard support. Attached are links with specifications of hardware you would need to purchase on your own for installation on metal studs or a concrete wall.


On average, when your barre and brackets are installed as recommended, they can support 100 lbs of pressure per linear foot. In other words, the ballet barre will sufficiently support an average amount of pressure from the average weight person using an average of 2-3 ft of barre.
The closer you space the brackets together, the stronger the support. Therefore, for fitness (which uses more than average pressure) the ideal spacing is 36” apart (and no further than 48” apart) and for ballet the ideal spacing is 42” apart (and no further than 64” apart).

Custom Barres brackets are all made of Steel. We offer an upgrade to a 304 Stainless Steel only on our Wall Mounted Brackets.

Custom Barres steel brackets are available in many powder coated colors: SILVER, BLACK, WHITE, RED, TIFFANY BLUE, LIGHT PINK, HOT PINK and PURPLE. We also offer some of the Wall Mounted Brackets in 304 STAINLESS STEEL - Satin Finish, or ANTIQUE BRASS plating. If you need a custom powder coating color please contact support@custombarres.com for availability and pricing.

All of our barres are custom made to order. Production time is approximately 5-7 business days if in stock. If not in stock it may take 7-12 business days. Once shipped it takes anywhere from 1-5 business days depending on your location. You can check exactly how long by checking out our shipping page. Please note that larger orders or custom sized brackets may take up to 4 weeks. We always try to get the orders out as soon as possible, so it may be even sooner than the estimated time.

Availability of our RUSH Production option is limited and must to be confirmed with our production team before the order is placed. RUSH Production requests that require less than the standard production time for your order are charged a rush fee based on the size of the order (minimum of $250) If RUSH Production availability is confirmed the order must be placed within 24 hours and must be paid in full before production begins.

Custom Barres requires payment to begin production on orders. Special requests for a payment plan will be reviewed for approval and must be confirmed before the order is placed. The payment plan option we offer requires 50% of your total to be paid to begin production and the remaining 50% due before your order is shipped. Note - RUSH Production orders do not qualify for a payment plan.

Yes, upon approval. Custom Barres offers financing through Paypal - 6 months no payments, no interest. This is subject to approval by Paypal.