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Classix Floor Mount Barre Bracket
Starts at
Price per bracket

Classix Floor Mount Barre Bracket

Price per bracket
7-10 Business Days
8.00 LBS


(klas-ik s)

Single Floor Mounted Ballet Barre Bracket

Base Plate
Tested Up to
Suggested Spacing

Simple yet elegant design, the CLASSIX adapts to any type of ballet barre studio. The Classix offers the option for an install close to a mirror for fitness & rehab or further away for ballet & stretching. For Fitness spacing between 2 brackets should not exceed 48".  For Ballet spacing should not exceed 64". All necessary hardware is included for standard installation - Anchors not included

  • Many finishes to compliment any room
  • Made from the highest quality steel.
  • Choose from open or closed saddle style
  • Choice of 1 5/8" or 2" diameter
  • 3 height Options:  For Fitness 36" or 38", For Ballet 42"
  • Available in Square or Circular Base Plate
  • Commercial or Home Use
  • Made 100% in the USA!


Product Details
Updated for the intensity of present-day practice and the simplicity of contemporary design, the CLASSIX reflects the regal stature and poise of traditional ballet.  With a minimally invasive 2” projection, this floor mounted ballet barre bracket is the solution for studios with windows or mirrors that do not want to sacrifice floor space and for physical therapy offices that mount parallel barres for patient support. A balance of form and function, this ballet barre bracket is styled in a luxurious color finish and powered with heavy steel.  Available in 3 standard heights for ballet (42”), fitness (38”) or physical therapy (36”).
Please Note: Hardware is included for installing floor-mounted brackets into wood flooring. For maximum Strength, Stability and Safety it is HIGHLY recommended to install further into concrete with concrete anchors (available for purchase separately at Please understand that all construction conditions are slightly different so your installer may need to purchase different hardware (not included) from your local hardware store to accommodate your specific construction needs. Please consult with an experienced reputable licensed contractor.
Custom Barres floor-mounted brackets have been tested to support body-weight pressure during pushing/ pulling exercises in the typical high-powered barre fitness class. The brackets themselves are made of thick steel welded STRONG and will not bend with your bare hands!! (Only super heroes and herculean olympic level power-lifters may be excluded)
IMPORTANT INSTALLATION INFO:  Are you experiencing “flex” in your barre and mounts? A slight flex of up to 3/8” deflection is an acceptable tolerance.  More significant movement at your barre when body-weight is applied would be an Installation Concern and should be addressed with your installer. (Any tiny movement from loose or shallow installation at the base of the bracket will gradually increase toward the top of the bracket which would cause more significant movement at the barre.) All 4 Mounting Holes MUST be tightly attached to solid flooring and drilled in at a minimum of 3” deep (to accommodate bolts and anchors). Blocking should be installed if you are installing beneath a floating floor or into beams on a second floor. As Custom Barres is not on-site and is not licensed to provide specific construction advice, please consult with a licensed contractor for your specific floor conditions. 
Dimensions4" x 4" Base Plate
Weight8 lbs
Thickness1/4" Plate
MaterialSteel Powder Coated
OverhangMin 3" to Max 12"
Diameter1 5/8" or 2"
Tested300 lbs
HeightAvailable in 3 heights
Barre Fitness36" or 38"
ProjectionApproximately 2"
Measured from back of plate to center of barre
SpacingBarre Fitness36"-48"