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 Freestanding / Portable Ballet Barres 
 Wall Mounted Ballet Barres 
 Floor Mounted Ballet Barres 
 Wall Mounted Ballet Barre Brackets  
 Floor Mounted Ballet Barre Brackets  
 Wood Ballet Bars 

Section 1: Freestanding Ballet Barres

If you are interested in Freestanding Portable Ballet Barres please fill Below:
(if not just skip to the next section)
Freestanding Barres: What Material are you interested in?
 Aluminum - Silver 
 Unfinished Oak 
 Unfinished Maple 
Barre Size:
Barre Color:

Section 2: Wall Mounted Ballet Barre and/or Floor Mounted Ballet Barre

If you are interested in Wall and/or Floor Mounted Ballet Barres please fill below:
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Which Bracket are you interested in? If any...
 Single Wall Mounted - Open Saddle - Sissone Ouverte   (plate 4"x 4") 
 Single Wall Mounted - Closed Saddle - Sissone Ferme'  (plate 4"x 4") 
 Single Wall Mounted - Fusion  (plate 4"x 4") 
 Single Wall Mounted - Core  (plate 1"x 6") 
 Single Wall Mounted - Pirouette  (4" Diameter - circular plate) 
 Single Wall Mounted - Cabriole Single (plate 4"x12") 
 Double Wall Mounted - Cabriole Double (plate 4"x16") 
 Double Wall Mounted - Doubler En Lair (plate 2"x16") 
 Single Floor Mounted - Classix 
 Single Floor Mounted - Frappé 
 Single Floor Mounted - Attitude
 Single Floor Mounted - Classix Duo
 Double Floor Mounted - Frappe' Double 
 End Brackets 
Brackets: What Material are you interested in?
 Steel - Powder Coated 
 Stainless Steel 
 Antique Brass 
Barre Style:

Section 3: Almost Done...

Please give us,as much detail as possible, so we can accurately give you an estimate. Please include measurements, quantities, colors, and any information that can assist us in better understanding your needs.
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 1-2 weeks  
 3-4 weeks 
 In a few months 
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