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Ballet and The NFL: An Unexpected Pair

15th Sep 2016

Ballet may seem like the furthest thing from Sunday football games, but the two athletic outlets have a lot in common. One greatly helps performance in the other. A barre workout can be physically demanding and prepare athletes to perform at top tier in their respective positions. Here, we’ll explore the ways that football is positively impacted by ballet workouts. Many NFL players have attributed their success to ballet workouts, and after you see just how physical ballet is, you’ll be convinced as well.


Speed is obviously very important on the football field. It’s the difference between scoring, or getting taken down. Since ballet helps to strengthen the legs and respective joints through rapid leg movements, in turn, running speeds are positively affected. Ballet also helps football players to get back to speed more quickly after they change directions or try to avoid a tackle. Any running back will say that’s worth putting on a tutu for!


Ballet dancers are strong in their own right. While giant muscles aren’t the usual picture of a ballet dancer- make no mistake they are strong! Ballet requires a lot of arm and leg strength. Ballet actually develops strength without adding any mass to a body frame. In certain football positions, more mass could actually be a detriment to playing ability, so ballet provides the perfect workout.


Being flexible is pretty important when it comes to playing football. Increased flexibility decreases the likelihood of severe injuries because the joints are more agile. Ballet brings flexibility training to football players in a way that they wouldn’t see otherwise.

Custom Barres provides professional quality ballet barres to gyms everywhere, including those that train football players! We offer custom sizes to fit any space, even those that accommodate linebackers! Remember that the barre workout isn’t just for ballerinas, it’s for everyone!