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​Do You Really Need A Barre For A Ballet Barre Workout?

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Home practice in dance and fitness training is essential to maintaining your mental and physical momentum. Whether practicing technique, cross-training or advancing the progress of your fitness goals, a prime purpose for supplementing a training schedule with home sessions is to keep your muscles fluid, active and stable for injury prevention and/or recovery. Regularly attending classes where they are equipped with standardized state-of-the-art equipment and top instructors, you know that you are practicing safely and effectively. However, safety and effectiveness is often overlooked or compromised for convenience when training at home…a risk nobody can afford!

The well-intentioned online coach may suggest that the barre itself can be replaced by household items (a countertop, windowsill, stool or chair). While these seem like comparable suggestions, they are not designed with the proper height and stability required for correct technique in dance and fitness. Improper posture and form while using non-standard equipment can cause undue pressure on muscles and joints that may contribute to injury. (Some symptoms and injuries are immediately apparent, while others develop over time from repetitive motion in poor form). Incorrect form also reduces the strength and mobility of your muscle during an exercise, undermining the full benefits of your home training or workout. Practicing with unstable support is never advisable.

Custom Barres specializes in dance and fitness equipment constructed to meet industry safety standards. Our designs include the highest quality materials and innovative design elements to improve on strength, stability, and durability and can be custom fit for both commercial studios and personal home gyms. Wall Mounted Barres, Floor Mounted Barres and Portable Ballet Barres are available. Contact us today for the best in ballet barres.

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