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How To Build The Perfect Barre Studio

26th Oct 2017

When you are opening a barre studio, there is a lot of planning that must be done first to get your new business off the ground. Your start-up costs can become wasteful and costly if you do not plan well. But if you ask yourself the right questions upfront you can actually save yourself some unnecessary time and expenses.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

While there are basic similarities, no two barre classes are exactly the same. The difference is often influenced by the client. Your speciality may be sports performance or injury recovery and prevention for athletes and dancers. You may want to focus on a particular age group. For highly specialized targets like these you will want to research a location that is populated with your specific audience (ie - a college town, an artistic community or a retirement zone).

Or you may choose to focus on health & weight loss and allow your clients to be drawn to what makes your studio unique, including price-lines, atmosphere or even music selection.

What’s The Budget?

If you are strategic, there is a way to find a balance between spending, obtaining what you need for your studio, how much to charge your clients and staying within your budget. First and foremost calculate monthly mandatory expenses, such as rent, utilities, insurance, staff, supplies and parking (if applicable). Next, consider one-time start-up costs, including equipment, lighting fixtures, mirrors, and flooring. Paint, maintenance and other upkeep expenses will also accumulate over time. And finally, how much will you contribute towards marketing? Always remember, having a solid reputation for quality training and standout customer care costs nothing.

How Much Space Will You Need?

You found a great deal on your ideal location for your favorite type of client and you are excited! Before you let emotion takeover and you jump in and sign the lease, make sure you aren’t shorting yourself on space in the name of a bargain.

Determine how much square footage will be required to build your studio: How many people will you expect per class? Which areas can be utilized for ballet barres? How many students will fit at the barre(s)? Will you be able to grow your business or are you already maxed out in space?

What Kind Of Barre Do You Need?

You determined your studio dimensions and set aside a budget for equipment, but you may still be unsure what type of barres to purchase. The good news is that Custom Barres can help you.

From portable barres to custom fit wall and floor mounted barres in different lengths, colors and finishes, you will have plenty to choose from when you work with us. Whether you have windows or mirrors or other installation limitations, we can help you to find the right ballet barres to maximize your spacing safely.

Contact us today and we will be a part of the team that will help you to create the perfect barre studio.