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How To Keep Barre Students Engaged In Your Classes

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The barre class is a time for students to develop their strength, technical skills, and flexibility. No matter who your studio caters to or what level your students are at, one of the most important things you can do as a barre teacher is to keep your students fully engaged in the class. One of the worst things for your barre studio business is for your students to lose interest. The idea is to always keep things fresh in your classes. Read on for some ideas on how to keep your students interested.

Keep Students From Thinking Things Are Too Routine

As an instructor, if you throw in different moves, or switch up counts, your students will be more apt to pay attention, instead of going through class exercises like robots.

Celebrate Your Students

The more you stay positive, encouraging, and just notice the progress your students are making, the more your students will progress. Barre students will remain more interested when they see that someone else notices their progress.

Other Ideas

Use the music to your advantage

Tie in real world people and examples with the class

Make things a bit competitive

Use out of the box examples to help students get moves right

Use The Right Tools

For your students to stay engaged, they must be comfortable and have the tools they need to succeed in class. Custom Barres offers high quality ballet barres and brackets for your studio. From portable barres to custom length permanent barres, we have whatever you need for your students. Contact us today and get the barre fitness equipment that will make your studio stand out from the rest.

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