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Simplifying the Dizzying Choices in Ballet Barres Part 1

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“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” - Steve Jobs

When you are investing in a ballet barre, you want to be confident that you are not only choosing a high quality barre, but also a barre that makes the best use of your studio or workout space and that is fitting for your specific practice. Custom Barres offers different types of ballet barres with features to meet your individual and studio design needs. The choices can be overwhelming, so we explain the advantages and limitations. First, we review Mounted Ballet Barres.

Why Choose a Wall-Mounted or Floor-Mounted Ballet Barre?

Permanence. Stability. Personalized Height. Interior Design.

Mounted Ballet Barres add to the functionality and interior design of your space. They are a semi-permanent choice (drilling is required for installation, but if you move you can take your barre and brackets with you!) and a solid piece of fitness equipment.

Mounted Ballet Barre Brackets are STRONG: Depending on the bracket you choose, our brackets have been tested from 150 lbs to 350 lbs of pressure. Custom Barres offers a choice of high-quality hardwood for your ballet barre to accommodate any budget and interior design, from traditional to modern.

Wall-Mounted Ballet Barre Brackets are favored because installation provides strength, they do not obstruct floor space and can be installed at any height. Wall-Mounted Brackets are popular for home practices, as well as dance and fitness studios/gyms. They provide a minimalist design appeal to studios that want their barres to seem as if they are floating on air.

Floor-Mounted Ballet Barre Brackets are slightly stronger that Wall-Mounted Brackets and make a powerful design statement that many studios and gyms prefer. While wall-mounted brackets can be installed on mirrored-walls with the assistance of a contractor that specializes in mirror cutting and installation, floor-mounted brackets offer lower risk and hassle and are usually the preferred option.

Floor-Mounted Brackets are the ideal choice for studios that would otherwise lose barre-space from windows too. Available in standard or custom heights for Ballet and Barre Fitness, they equip you with reliable steadiness and little interference on the floor compared to a portable barre.

Most of our Wall-Mounted and Floor-Mounted Ballet Brackets are available in open-saddle or closed-saddle and have single-barre and double-barre options. The length of your barre is based on the dimensions of your space, even if you have a full length studio. Unless the owner of your studio, gym or home does not allow permanent installation, mounted barres are almost limitless in their possibilities in terms of use for dance, fitness or rehabilitation and age, height and skill levels.

Visit our website at https://www.custombarres.com for the full selection of designs and color choices in Mounted Ballet Barre Brackets. We discuss the advantages of Custom Barres Portable Ballet Barres next time. If you need additional advice, please call us at 888-772-9479.

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